“I LOVE Lani’s photography – it has a sense of calmness and depth. She has a natural eye for composition and an ability to capture emotions and connect in those special moments. For our recent holiday photo shoot, in a very quick time she captured an array of many wonderful shots that uniquely reflect our family.” – Megan

“My family had an amazing experience shooting with Lani. She was patient and precise, and her attention to detail is impeccableWe highly recommend!” – Kristine

“Lani has been instrumental in our efforts to use photographs to tell stories – which is not always easy when working with young children! Her intuition and ability to capture shots are natural, and the time and care she puts into perfecting photographs is obvious. ” – Katherine Thompson, Assistant Head of School for Admissions and Marketing at The Grosse Pointe Academy

“I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of Lani’s work. She not only has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of what she photographs, but often sees things differently than most of us – the sign of a true artist. You can tell she puts a lot of thought into her work and seems to be guided by her heart.” – Tom Milano, Director of The Garden Detroit

“Lani is a very talented and professional copywriter. I first worked with her at Papyrus in 2004. Her diverse writing skills range from smart legalese to trendy and compelling greeting card text—this makes her an incredibly rare find.” – Megan Gandt Guansing, Managing Art Director at Compendium Inc.

“I was lucky enough to work with Lani for several years in-house, and then again a few years later when I snagged her as a freelance writer/editor for various book and copywriting projects. As a writer, she is fast, clever, clear, and witty. But perhaps most importantly, she’s got VOICE. Her writing is a true pleasure to read, and never feels overwrought or underworked. She’s also a fantastic, insightful, and speedy editor. That she is so easy to work with, always hits (or beats!) deadlines, and is a phenomenal human being, are just a few of the additional working-with-Lani perks.”-  Erin Elizabeth Conley, Executive Editor at Knock Knock

“Lani is the ultimate creative collaborator. Working together on an album recording, she had an immediate sense of what I envisioned for the overall sound and developed vocal parts that perfectly complemented the music. You can hear that in her own music too-the way she crafts her songs shows a deep knowledge and understanding of how to draw the best out of her collaborators. I’d highly recommend Lani for her creative insights and her approach on how to partner with artists to develop the most successful product possible.” – Alex Dolan, Musician/Recording Artist